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(Robin Eriksson, Mats Eriksson)

This feels so right, you got my number
Meet me tonight, on the streets
Where no one cares about
How we look or what we do, tonight

This is where we all belong
All the ones without a home

Come down, downtown
Put on your evening gown
It doesn’t matter how it looks like
We’re all the same in our hearts, tonight

We roam the streets no matter what the season
Anything goes cause there’s no rime or reason
Everyone out there gonna hear our prayers tonight

This is a shakedown (Shakedown)
Shake with me
Gonna breakdown (Breakdown)
On your knees
Then we go out (Go out)
Into the streets tonight

This is it now, our time to prove
What it is all about, no matter what you say
We’re all fine
We’re all the same in our hearts tonight