08/08/2010 – Some news and gig this friday!

At the end of this week we´ll be announcing the BIG news and tell you more about it, so check back this Wednesday (11/08 – 2010) or this Thursday (12/08 – 2010). By then we´ll have all the details and stuff! So just be patient with us a little bit longer so we can make these news worth your wait!

We´re playing an acoustic show at Southside Pub in Zinkensdamm, Stockholm. It´s in a little cosy basement that looks and feels kind of like a dungeon that they´ve made cosy as hell. Come and see for yourselves and have a beer with us!smiley Unfortunately it´s a 18 year limit so everyone can´t get in.. But we´ll try to book some shows that wont have an age limit later this fall.

Talk to you soon.

Warmest regards,

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