9 days and 45 minutes until release, we´ve got a surprise for you!

Hi everyone!

Today it´s nine days until the release of our debut album – “life,love,loss” and we´re super excited!=)
I (Mats) got a mail from the label today and they said that the CD´s is heading our way as im writing this and we hope to have the album before this weekend cause if we do we´ll start selling it on our gig at Garage in Märsta this weekend (Oct. 23rd).
To sum that up, if we get the album before the weekend (which we most likely will) the ones who comes to, and buys the album at the gig will be the first ones in the world buying degreed´s debut album!
Here´s some more of the upcoming dates:
Oct.29 – Kings Arms, Avesta – SWE
Oct.30 – Café XO, Åmål – SWE
Nov. 4 – Harry B James, Stockholm – SWE
Dec.3-4 – Pub Anchor, Stockholm – SWE

As the headline says as well, we have a a surprise for you and the surprise is that we´ve recorded some acoustic video samples of some of the songs from the album and we´ll be posting them the following week starting with the first video and song tomorrow!=)

Check back here or at our Myspace tomorrow!

Warmest regards,
Mats Ericsson – degreed

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