30/09/2010 – degreed at the Swedish Idol website!

Hi folks, hope everyone feel as good as us and are as excited about the release of our debut album as us!

Back in 2008 Robin participated in Swedish Idol and got good reviews from both the jury and the Swedish people.
Today there´s two years since I sat in the audience in the Idol studio watching Robin walking his way through the qualifications getting to week finals were he got to the seventh place out of 8000 seeking!!
Now, 2010, we´re really excited that you can find Robin and degreed on the Swedish Idol website talking about the release of “life,love,loss”! Click on this link to get there. (Swedish).

We´ve also added a date, at a place we´ve frequently been playing, at Harry B James and we´ll be adding more dates soon! Keep updated here and on our website, www.degreedmusic.com.

Warmest regards,
Mats – degreed

08/08/2010 – Some news and gig this friday!

At the end of this week we´ll be announcing the BIG news and tell you more about it, so check back this Wednesday (11/08 – 2010) or this Thursday (12/08 – 2010). By then we´ll have all the details and stuff! So just be patient with us a little bit longer so we can make these news worth your wait!

We´re playing an acoustic show at Southside Pub in Zinkensdamm, Stockholm. It´s in a little cosy basement that looks and feels kind of like a dungeon that they´ve made cosy as hell. Come and see for yourselves and have a beer with us!smiley Unfortunately it´s a 18 year limit so everyone can´t get in.. But we´ll try to book some shows that wont have an age limit later this fall.

Talk to you soon.

Warmest regards,