degreed T-Shirt design competition!

Hey everyone, listen up!
We’re gonna print some new cool t-shirts. The thing is that we don’t have a design for them yet, but thought we’d make a competition out of it.
Anyone with Photoshop and a creative mind can participate.
If you win this competition you’ll of course get one t-shirt and one signed copy of “life,love,loss” as well as one signed copy of “We Don’t Belong”.

The design should contain a new logotype or the old one (which you’ll find by following the link below) and the word Madness, which is also the theme for the shirt – meaning that something in the T-Shirt should represent Madness. Preferably a picture that represent the word.

By following this link, you’ll be able to download a template for the print –
When you’re done with your design please send it to and at the end of this week (Friday 26:th of September) we’ll reveal the winner of the competition as well as our new t-shirt design!

Hope you’re as psyched as us!!

Warmest regards,

Special Guests

Hi guys!

We have the honor, along with British Night By Night, to be Special Guests on Machinae Supremacy’s release of their newest album! The show is at Bryggarsalen in Stockholm and the date is the 5:th of September. You wouldn’t wanna miss this gig. Its gonna be an amazing gig with three amazing bands so buy your tickets by following the links below!

Tickets –



Thank you Väsby Rock Festival!!

Thanks to everyone who participated on our gig at the Väsby Rock Festival yesterday! We had a blast and even though it rained the first songs you were still standing there. Such an amazing crowd!
Here’s a pic from the show:


Next week we play Salafestivalen and we’re really looking forward to the event! Hopefully another amazing crowd.

Warmest regards,