Update/Like degreed on Facebook!

Hi there!

Lately we’ve been pretty quiet. This does not mean that we’re not doing anything cause we’ve been writing new songs, working very hard rehearsing to be able to deliver a great live performance. We will, in some way, get out there more and play live as much as possible this year so keep your eyes and ears open.
As written above we’ve also been working on new material and already have almost half an album, in fact I’m working on one song right now and it sounds amazing! The next album will be killer, that’s a promise!
Also, for all you who have Facebook, please like us and help us to share the page, posts, pictures, videos etc. Just go to www.facebook.com/degreedmusic and hit “Like”. By doing so you’ll get all the news and updates the fastest way.

Best regards,

Gig 2nd of April Cancelled!

Hi people!

Unfortunately the gig on Debaser Medis in Stockholm has been cancelled due to venue problems.. We’re very sad about this since we really looked forward to the gig. We’ll try to book a show in Stockholm in the near future to show you guys the new and more energetic version of degreed!! Hopefully a lot of you are going on the Väsby Rock Festival in July as well to see us as well as all the other great bands playing the festival!


What If single and video released!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of updates, since the last time we have released the single and video for What If and the date for releasing the album is closing in. Until the full CD is released please share the video of What If and if you have the chance, buy the song via iTunes.


iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/se/album/what-if-single/id668057760?l=en

Spotify – http://open.spotify.com/track/3HG4bTfL0VsAezp90zPyLL


We Don’t Belong in stores in September!

Hey people!
We have, finally, made everything ready for the release of “We Don’t Belong” and will be releasing it as following,
Europe – 2nd of September
Japan – 8th of May
USA/Canada – TBA

We’re sorry that it has taken such a long time, and we really wanna thank you for your patience!
Except that the album is released the dates above, we’ll also release our first video and single on August 5th and its the single for the song “What If”. We can’t wait to get the stuff out there.. Hope you’re as excited as we are./Degreed