Thank you BURRN! Magazine.

Hi people!

Two days ago was the release day in Japan and we’ve been told that everything’s going amazing! We’re so happy and want to thank you all for buying the album and for believing in us and liking our music.

We haven’t seen this months BURRN! Magazine yet but a little birdie told us that the review looked good and we got 89/100 of them, which is a huge honos for us cause BURRN! Magazine is kind of like the rockers bible!

We also had the luck to be featured on this months free CD that comes along with the “Classic Rock” issue of May. The opening track of our album, B.O.D, is on that CD and this magazine is avalible everywhere now so buy it! Here’s how the front cover look.

About next weeks gigs, all the info is up here on ur website as well as on our Myspace page. Check i out and BE THERE!

Warmest regards,
Mats Ericsson

degreed Tour Diary Oct.29-30 2010! // About the digital release of “life,love,loss”.

Hi people!

As i said earlier this week I would upload a video from last weekends events and here it is!


Check it out!

About the digital release of “life,love,loss”:
I just spoke to Andrew McNeice from Melodic Rock Records and he said they have had some problems with the digital release but have basically solved that now so hopefully it´ll be out very soon on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc. I´ll get back to you witht he exact date as soon as I have one.

Warmest regards,
Mats Ericsson – degreed