08/08/2010 – Some news and gig this friday!

At the end of this week we´ll be announcing the BIG news and tell you more about it, so check back this Wednesday (11/08 – 2010) or this Thursday (12/08 – 2010). By then we´ll have all the details and stuff! So just be patient with us a little bit longer so we can make these news worth your wait!

We´re playing an acoustic show at Southside Pub in Zinkensdamm, Stockholm. It´s in a little cosy basement that looks and feels kind of like a dungeon that they´ve made cosy as hell. Come and see for yourselves and have a beer with us!smiley Unfortunately it´s a 18 year limit so everyone can´t get in.. But we´ll try to book some shows that wont have an age limit later this fall.

Talk to you soon.

Warmest regards,

28/07/2010 – Buy the first official T-Shirt/Update about the release of our debut album!

Hey people!

As some of you might know we´ve recently recieved our first official T-Shirt and now we´re selling them right here on the internet! Just press the merch button above to go right to the merch shop. It´s easy and you wont have to wait for us to play a gig to be able to buy the shirt.
All you need is a valid credit card (ex. VISA or Mastercard) and a PayPal account (for shipping info and secure payment). Don´t worry if you don´t have a PayPal account it´s really easy to create – it only takes a minute or two.
After you´ve sent the order, you´ll recieve the T-Shirt within a week.

The recording of our debut album was finished at the end of last year but it hasn´t been released yet cause we´ve been looking for the right label to release it on. We´re looking at a very promising deal that we´ll most likely will sign! We´re not revealing more than that about the label yet (we´ll get back to you as soon as it´s official) but we can say that the album WILL be released at the beginning of this fall! As I said, we´ll get back to you really soon!

Warmest regards,
Mats Ericsson


Hope everything´s good with all of you! We just got home from a great festival gig at the Rockweekend Festival in Södehamn and want to thank everyone for supporting us up there and of course at the Harry B James gig the day before we went to Söderhamn!
We´ll upload some photos from the amazing trip we had soon!

We´ve also just recieved our first official t-shirts and will, hopefully this week, start selling them here at our webpage as well as our Myspace. Keep updated here and we´ll upload an awesome picture of the T-Shirt and some more details of how you can buy it.

One more thing… Listen to our song “Color Me” at our Myspace. It´s one more song from the upcoming release of our debut album! Enjoy!

We´ll reveal some other pretty exciting news in a while so stay tuned!smiley

Warmest regards,
Mats – degreed